Contents Page
Operation and routine checking  
Where is everything? 8,10
Controls 12
Instruments and telltale lamps 13
Ignition/light switch, handlebar fittings 14-15
Handbrake lever, brake pedal, clutch lever, spring strut adjustment, fuel tap 15,16,17
Starting a cold engine 17-18
Raising on to and towering from stand 18-19
Locking the motorcycle, helmet holder 19
Before you start - safety checks  
Tire treads, tire pressures, engine oil,level, fuel level, lights, rear and brake lights, flashing turn indicators 20-21
Correct riding equipment and clothing  
Helmet, leather suit rainsuit 22
Gear change 23
Some running-in hints 24-25
Practical riding hints 26-27
Oft-road riding, straight-ahead riding 27
Cornering, crossing curbs, wet-weather, riding, two-up riding 28-29
On long journeys  
Side panniers, tank-top rucksack, spare parts 30
Jobs you can tackle yourself  
Removing and installing front wheel 31
Removing and installing rear wheel 32
Changing tires 33
Renewing H 4 headlight bulb/parking light bulb 34
Headlight beam setting 35
Renewing bulbs for instrument lighting, telltale lamps, rear light or flashing turn indicators; renewing blown fuses 36-37
Central electrical unit (power distribution box) 38
'Beauty care' 39
Laying up the motorcycle out of use restoring to roadgoing condition 40
What to do if...  
Minor defects and their remedies 41,42,43
What you shouldn't attempt  
Engineering modifications  
Service and maintenance  
General instructions 44
Free pre-delivery check 45
1st Inspection after 1 000 km (app. 600 miles) 46
BMW Service/Inspection routines 47-50
Maintenance schedule 51,52,53
Lubrication points 54-55
Oil changes, lubrication and maintenance work  
Changing engine oil renewing filter element 56
Gearbox oil level check and oil change 57
Rear swinging arm oil level check and oil change 57-58
Final drive oil level check and oil change 58
Telescopic fork oil level check and oil change 59
Steering head and wheel bearing play 60
Rear swinging arm bearing play, lubricating swinging arm bearings lubricating clutch cable nipples 61
Cleaning oil sump/undenray and cylinder cooling fins 62
Battery maintenance 62
Removing and installing battery 63
Renewing air cleaner element 63
Checking brake system operation and brake pad or fining wear, relining drum brake/renewing disc brake pads, adjusting rear wheel brake, checking brake operating linkage 64-65
Brake fluid, bleeding brake system 65-66
Fuel system  
Cleaning and adjusting carburetors 67-68
Cleaning fuel tap 69
Ignition system  
Spark plugs 69
Transistorized coil ignition (TSZ), checking and adjusting ignition timing 70
Cylinder head  
Tightening torque, valve clearances 71
Clutch adjustment 72
Tightening torques  
Taking up slack at nuts and bolts 72-73
Test ride, final inspection 73
BMW parts and accessories 74-75
Service - all the way! 74-75
Genuine BMW accessories 76-77
Engine 78-80
Transmission 81
Frame 82-83
Fuels and lubricants 84-85
Electrical system 86-87
Dimensions and weights 88
Performance data 89, 90, 91
At a glance 92-93