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Checking free travel at brake pedal
The brake pedal must not have more than 25 mm (1 in) of free travel Fig 9
If necessary, take up slack in the brake operating linkage by turning the hexagon nut (10 mm wrench) See page 65.
Checking free travel at clutch lever
Free travel at the clutch lever should be 2+-0.5 mm (0.08+-0.02 in) Fig. 1O If necessary, adjust the clutch operating mechanism - see page 72.
Spring strut ('monoshock') adjustment
Using the hook wrench with extension from the toolkit, the preload value for the rear suspension strut coil spring can be
reset to one of three positions to suit riding conditions.
Position 1 = 'Normal', for road use and solo riding
Position 2 = 'Medium' for off-road use, two-up riding or heavy toad (luggage)
Position 3= 'Hard', for severe off-road conditions or maximum load
Fig. 11 shows the 'Normal' strut setting