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Service - all the way

Superior design and engineering inspire confidence. It doesn't take far to discover this when you ride a BMW.
A high-quality motorcycle needs expert maintenance and general care, and will then provide you with the same sheer riding pleasure for many years to come.
If possible, have your BMW serviced and repaired only by an authorized BMW workshop. The BMW dealership or service station concentrates on BMW models and possesses all the necessary special tools and equipment. In addition, all members of the BMW Service Organization are bound by contract to install only genuine BMW parts on your BMW motorcycle. You are entitled to be suspicious if offered other spare parts, for which we do not provide a factory warranty.
Genuine BMW parts protect you against the possibly unpleasant consequences of installing inferior parts of unknown origin, and reduce the risks of riding in present-day traffic and in all weathers to a minimum. Spare parts are available everywhere but Genuine BMW Parts are the only ones identical in every respect with the parts originally fined to your machine.

Only the replacement of one Genuine BMW Part by another ensures that you benefit to the full from BMW's design and engineering skills, and safeguard the performance and reliability of your motorcycle.