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Taking up slack at nuts and bolts Every 15000km (10000 miles), check that the following threaded connections are tight.
Position Wrench width across jaws (mm)
Front quick-release axle 22
Front axle clamp screws (Allen screws) 6
Rear wheel studs 19
Front and rear engine mountings 19
Hex bolts securing center stand to frame 17
Carburetor hose clips, drive shaft flexible gaiter Screw-driver
Upper and lower spring strut mountings 17
At 1 000 km (600 mile) Inspection only:  
Engine timing chain cover  
3 intl. hex. nuts 5
9 Allen screws 5

Test ride, final inspection

The machine must be test-ridden after each Inspection and the various items of equipment checked for road safety, in particular correct operation of the brakes, gear change, clutch and instruments, and free movement of the steering.
The final inspection must include the condition of the tires, tire pressures, lighting, horn, telltale and warning lamps and mirrors.