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Transistorized coil ignition (TSZ)
This is a technically advanced ignition system which requires very little maintenance or attention.
However, when working on or near the entire ignition system, extra care must be taken see page 38,41,68 or 69.
To ensure that optimum performance is being maintained, the ignition timing should be checked every 15000km (10000 miles). Since this is a breakerless system, dwell angle adjustment is no longer possible.
Note: ignition timing can only be checked with a strobe light. Static testing , using a lamp and test leads is now impossible, and any such attempt may damage the system.
Ignition timing: 6 deg. before TDC = 'S' mark on flywheel.
To check ignition timing, connect the strobe light by its trigger clip to the right ignition lead, and illuminate the flywheel with the engine running. At idle speed (800 - 1100 /min) the 'S, flywheel mark ('retard') must appear as a bright spot in the inspection hole. If the bright spot is

above the centerline, the ignition is advanced too far; if it is below the centerline, the ignition is retarded too far.
To check the centrifugal ignition advance system (max. advance 32 deg. before TDC), run the engine at not less than 3000/ min. The 'F' mark should then appear in the center of the inspection hole. Fig. 71
Adjusting ignition timing
Remove the front engine cover (two 5 mm Allen screws). Slacken the

ignition trigger (two 4 mm Allen screws ). Turn it in the direction of engine rotation to retard the ignition, and in the opposite direction to engine rotation (the engine and the ignition trigger shaft both rotate in the same direction) to advance the ignition. Tighten the Allen screws ignition. again firmly. Fig. 72