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Cleaning fuel tap (mesh strainer in outlet)
Every 15000 km (10000 miles), clean the mesh strainer in the fuel tap. Loosen the collar nut on the hose stub pipe and withdraw the mesh strainer from the tap. Fig. 69
For removing the fuel tank, see page 38.

Ignition system

Warning: this motorcycle has a high-performance transistorized coil (TSZ) ignition system. Do not touch any live components when the engine is running, or a fatal electric shock may result.
Spark plug electrode gaps.
Every 7500km (5000 miles), and also before installing new spark plugs, use a feeler gauge to check the electrode gaps, and bend it necessary to the specified value 'a' = 0.6 + 0.1 mm (0.024 + 0.004 in).
Fig. 70
Clean spark plugs with a non-metallic brush in petrol (gasoline). Before installing, apply a light coating of graphite grease to the threads. Note correct tightening torque.
Spark plugs should always be renewed after not more than 15000km (10000 miles)