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Attach the wire cables, and with the twistgrip closed adjust free cable travel (for the choke cable too if necessary) to 0.5- 1 mm (0.02 - 0.04 in) Fig.67
If tree travel has to be adjusted, slacken off the locknuts (9 mm wrench) and turn the cable adjusting screws clockwise (to right) to increase free travel, or counter-clockwise (to left) to reduce free travel. Free cable travel must always be identical at left and right.
The traditional method of testing engine balance by detaching one spark plug lead and then the other must never be used on this motorcycle, which has a high-performance transistorized coil ignition system, so that touching any live components when the engine is running may cause a fatal electric shock.
If the motorcycle cannot be taken to an authorized BMW workshop, engine idling can be adjusted in an emergency as follows:
Adjust the idle mixture regulating screw (1) and throttle stop screw (2) on both carburetors to the basic setting. This is obtained by tightening the idle mixture regulating screws fully and then slackening them off by app 1 turn. The throttle stop screws should be tightened until they just touch the throttle levers, then screwed in by a further turn.
Run the engine until warm, using the choke to start the cold engine.
Turn the idle mixture regulating screws on both carburetors to the left and right until the best mixture

strength is found (engine speed increases to a maximum level) Adjust the left and right carburetors alternately until an idle speed of 800-1100 /min is reached.
Fig. 68
Warning: the engine may overheat if allowed to idle for more than about 10 minutes with no cooling airflow.