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Check the brakes regularly (at least every 7500km [5000 miles]) for efficiency and correct lever travel. Brake pad or lining wear can be inspected visually.
On the front disc brake, the pads can be seen after levering off the plastic cover with a screwdriver.
On the rear drum brake the lining thickness can be seen through a side inspection hole on the left of the wheel hub after levering out the rubber sealing plug with a screwdriver.
For reasons of safety, worn brake shoes and pads must be renewed in good time ( minimum thickness 1.5 mm [0.06 in]).
Renewing front disc brake pads
1. Lever off the plastic cap from the fixed brake caliper with a screwdriver.
2 Using a suitable drift, force out the two brake pad retaining pins from the inside outwards.

3. Lift off the spreader spring and pull the brakepads out upwards. Fig. 62
Install new pads in the opposite working sequence.
The disc brake pads are self-adjusting for wear, so that no routine adjustment procedure needs to be followed.
Never operate the front brake lever when the front wheel has been removed, or else the disc brake pistons will be forced out and brake fluid will escape.
If insufficient pressure is built up at the handlebar lever, the brake system must be bled and checked for leaks.