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Removing and installing battery
1. Take off the dualseat (see page 38) and remove the tool tray.
2. Carefully pull the side battery covers away from their fastenings:
  • First pull backwards as shown by arrow (1).
  • Then move out at front as shown by arrow (2) Fig. 59
    3. Disconnect both battery retaining straps.

  • 60
    4. Disconnect both battery leads (the negative lead first, then the positive lead).
    5. Lift out the battery.
    On the 16 Amp/h battery (optional extra); unscrew the upper spring strut mounting, swing the spring strut to the rear and lift the battery out of the frame, turning it slightly at the same time.
    Fig. 60

    Intake air cleaner
    Air cleaner element: renew every 15000 km (10000 miles). If motorcycle operating conditions are very dusty or dirty, renew the air cleaner element every 7500 km (5000 miles), or even more frequently if necessary.
    Liftoff the top of the air cleaner casing after releasing the retaining springs, and pull the air cleaner element out sideways to the left. Fig. 61
    Important: note correct installed position of air cleaner element, with inscription facing to rear and arrow