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Cavity between oil sump and undertray/cylinder cooling fins:
inspect for dirt deposits and clean out if necessary.
After removal of the four 10 mm bolts the undertray can be detached. Fig. 58
If the machine is never ridden off-road, the undertray can be left - also see also page 39.
Battery maintenance
Every 7500km (5000 miles)1 but at east once a month, check battery acid level. If it has dropped, add distilled water (not acid) after removal of the C screw plugs, until the level is about 5 mm (0.2 in) above the tops of the plates. Keep the top of the battery clean and dry. Apply terminal grease to the posts and clips to prevent corrosion.
Warning: never allow battery acid or lead oxide deposits from the battery terminals to reach the clothing. Do not bring a naked flame near the battery or an explosion may result.
If the motorcycle is out of use for a lengthy period, the battery should be recharged once a month, to prevent sulfate deposits from affecting the cell plates. For battery capacity, see Specifications.
Important: both terminals of the battery must be disconnected (with the engine stopped) for recharging, or else the peak voltages produced by the charger will damage the alternator diodes.