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Telescopic forks - oil level check and oil change
To check oil level, place the motorcycle on its center stand and allow the forks to extend fully. Remove the upper end plugs (8 mm Allen key). Insert a welding rod or similar, diameter app. 5 mm (0.2 in) length app. 1 m (40 in) into the fork leg until it contacts the base screw plug. The depth of oil on the rod, equivalent to the oil level in the fork leg. must be 300 +- 5 mm (11.8 +- 0.2 in).

Oil changes: every 15000km (10000 miles), but at least once a year.
Remove the drain plugs (4 mm Allen key) at the lower ends of the slider tubes.
Fig. 51 Warning: retighten the drain plugs carefully to avoid damaging the threads.
To vent the fork tubes, remove the upper screw plugs (8 mm Allen key). Fig. 52
Allow the oil to escape, at the same time compressing and extending the telescopic forks (5 to 10 strokes) Plug the drain holes again, and add fresh oil.
Total oil content per fork leg when tilled for the first time or after an oil change: 220 + 10 cm3 (77.4 + 3.5 fl. oz).
Oil grades: see Specifications.
After filling, bleed the shock absorbers by compressing and extending the telescopic forks 5 to 10 times, until the full damping action is detected.