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Gearbox oil level check and oil change
Check oil level every 7 500km (5 000 miles), and add a brand-name oil of the same grade and type up to the lowest turn of the thread in the filler orifice if necessary. To unscrew the filler plug, use an 8 mm Allen key. Afterwards, tighten the filler plug again firmly.
Fig. 46

Change the gearbox oil only when it is still at normal operating temperature, every 15000km (10000 miles), or at least once a year. Unscrew and remove the oil drain plug (19 mm wrench) followed by the oil filler plug (8 mm Allen screw). After the old oil has drained out, insert the drain plug again and tighten firmly Add fresh oil. Fig. 47
Oil content: app. 0.8 liter (1.4 Imp pints, 0~85 US quart).
Oil level: up to lowest turn of thread in filler orifice.
Oil grades: See Specifications

Rear swinging arm oil level check and oil change
Oil level: check every 7500 km (5000 miles) with the motorcycle on its stand. Insert a suitable rod or drift vertically into the filler orifice and up against the coupling bell. The oil level should be 2 mm(0.08 in) up the rod. If necessary, add brand-name oil of the same grade as before. Retighten the filler plug (17 mm wrench) firmly. Fig. 48