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Oil changes, lubrication and maintenance work

Changing engine oil, renewing filter element
Change the engine oil (when still at normal operating temperature) every 7 500 km (5 000 miles), or at least every 6 months. If the machine is ridden only for short distances, or outside temperatures are below 0 C(32 F), change the oil every 3 months or after not more than 3 000km (2 000 miles).
Remove the Allen screw (8 mm Allen key). Allow the old oil to drain out, then clean and replace the drain plug, tightening it firmly. Make sure that the gasket is in good condition.
Fig. 44

If the oil filter element has to be renewed during an oil change, remove the filter first, before draining the oil.
Total oil content: 2.0 liters (3.5 Imp. pints, 2.1 US quarts), plus O.25l (0.44 Imp. pint, 0.26 US quart) if the filter element is renewed.
Oil level: as far as the upper mark on the dipstick but no higher,
Fig. 19
Oil grades: see Specifications.

Filter element (2): renew every 7 500km (5 000 miles) during an engine oil change. Remove the three hex bolts (10 mm wrench) and take off end cover (7), complete with the two 0-rings (3,5) and the steel washer (4). Use a thin wire hook to extract the filter element. When inserting the new filter element, do not re-use the old gaskets Fig. 45,
Warning: before assembling place the two 0-rings (3, 5) with steel washer (4) and paper gasket (6) on the end cover. The steel washer must be installed against the outer tube.