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Maintenance schedule

Note: Figures in square brackets []= pages on which descriptions appear
BMW Service every 15 000 km (10 000 miles),starting at 7 500 km (5000 miles) speedometer reading. BMW Inspection every 15 000 km (10 000 miles),starting at 15 000 km (10 000 miles) speedometer reading.
Check battery acid level and top up with distilled water if necessary. Check battery terminal posts and clips, clean if necessary and apply grease [62, 63]   X
Take up slack at bolts and nuts on: engine mountings, center stand at frame, spring strut mountings, hose clips on carburetors and drive shaft-flexible gaiter [73]   X
Synchronize carburetors; adjust throttle cables [68] X X
Check space between oil sump and undertray, and cylinder ooling fins for blockage with dirt, and clean if necessary [62] X X
Final inspection with road-safety check: condition of tires and wheels, tire pressures, lighting and signaling equipment, telltale and warning lamps, clutch, gear change, foot brake and handbrake, steering, instruments [73] X X
Recommendation: if motorcycle is used regularly in arduous conditions, renew grease in steering and wheel bearings every 30 000 km (20 000 miles)*
*) Item billed additionally
1) At least every 6 months; every 3 months if machine is ridden only for short distances or outside temperatures are below 0C (32F), At the latest, after 3 000 km (2 000 miles)
2) At least once a year
3) At least once a month
4) If operated in very dirty or dusty conditions, renew air cleaner element every 7 500 km (5 000 miles) or even more frequently