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1st Inspection after 1000 km (app. 600 miles)
  1. Change the engine oil, including the oil in the filter, while still at normal operating temperature; renew the filter element.
  2. Change the oil in the gearbox, rear swinging arm, final drive and telescopic forks.
  3. Clean the carburetor float chambers.
  4. Check clutch operating clearance and adjust if necessary.
  5. Check free travel at rear wheel brake, and adjust if necessary
  6. Check brake fluid level and add fluid if necessary. Check brake system for leaks.
  7. Take up slack at cylinder heads (for tightening torque, see page 72) Adjust valve clearances.
  8. Time the ignition.
  9. Take up slack at bolts and nuts on: engine mountings, center stand at frame, spring strut mountings, quick-release axle nut and front axle clamp screws, rear wheel studs, hose clips on carburetors and on drive shaft flexible gaiter.
  10. Synchronize the carburetors and adjust the throttle cables.
  11. Final inspection with road safety check: condition of tires and wheels, tire pressures, lighting and signaling equipment, telltale and warning lamps, clutch, gear change, foot and hand brakes, steering, instruments.