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Free pre-delivery check
  1. Check oil levels in rear swinging arm. engine, gearbox, final drive arm. Check brake system fluid level. Add distilled water to battery and grease terminal clips and posts.
  2. Check operation of high and low (dipped) beam headlights, parking light, brake and license plate lights and flashing turn indicators, telltale and warning lamps for state of battery charge, neutral indicator, oil pressure and high beam telltale, horn signal and additional instruments if fitted.
  3. Check tightness of bolts and nuts: front quick release axle nut and clamp screws, rear wheel studs, front and rear engine mounting bolts, center stand retaining bolts, (top and bottom), rear spring strut mountings hose clips at carburetors and flexible gaiter on drive shaft, handlebar clamps.
  4. Adjust headlight beam and check tire pressures. Check toolkit, keys, documentation and adhesive labels for completeness.
  5. Trial run including checking correct operation of clutch, gear change, instruments, steering, foot and hand brakes, engine idling settings and visible leaks on engine, gearbox, swinging arm, final drive, telescopic forks and fuel system.