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Service and maintenance

Before you took delivery of your new BMW motorcycle from our authorized dealer, a free pre--delivery check was performed. Details of this work and confirmation that it has been carried out correctly are provided on the next page.
Please have all the maintenance work laid down in the BMW servicing program (see pages 46 - 53) carried out punctually by an authorized BMW dealer or workshop, and obtain confirmation in the form of a stamp and sign in the spaces provided in this handbook. This is essential if a later warranty claim is to be considered. In addition, it is useful to have evidence that all the maintenance work was carried out correctly at a later date, when you sell your motorcycle.
After the 1st Inspection at 1000km (600 miles) the BMW service program commences, with a series of regular maintenance routines. A BMW Service is due at speedometer reading 7500km (5000 miles) Starting at speedo-meter reading 15000 km (10000 miles), the more comprehensive BMW Inspection is carried out.
After this BMW Service and BMW Inspection alternate every 7500km (5000 miles).
After the 1st Inspection your BMW authorized dealer or workshop will remove the reminder label from this handbook and attach it under the dualseat, at a point where it is seen immediately the dualseat is opened. All subsequent BMW Inspection and Service routines will be recalled to mind in the same way.
In the interests of your motorcycle's reliability and long life, you are recommended to have at least two BMW Inspections carried out per year, even if your motorcycle has not yet reached the specified speedometer readings in the BMW service program.
Every BMW dealer has a list of charges for the BMW service program, based on the number of 'flat rate' units laid down by the factory for the work. This ensures that throughout the BMW service organization at home and abroad the same conditions govern the charges made for servicing work.
Lubricants, seals etc. which have to be replaced are billed additionally, as is the cost of cleaning the machine if necessary.
Please remember to take this rider's handbook with you when you have an appointment with the BMW authorized workshop for servicing.