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Malfunction and cause Remedy
6. Engine detonates ('pinks') under load  
Fuel has too low an octane number Use only brand-name fuel of the specified quality (see Specifications)
Severe carbonization ('coking') in combustion chambers Remove cylinder heads and clean pistons
Ignition timing advanced too far Renew ignition correctly
7. Starter motor does not run when switch is operated  
Defective push button or starter relay Renew defective items
Battery flat Recharge battery, check acid level if necessary

What you shouldn't attempt

Many motorcycling enthusiasts possess the knowledge and the tools to perform quite a number of the routine maintenance jobs themselves, for instance oil changes, filter renewals, carburetor valve and ignition adjustments. Major maintenance tasks, however including adjustment of the wheel, swinging arm and steering head bearings, and all work on the brakes call for much experience and the use of special tools. For this reason the prescribed Services and
Inspections should always be entrusted to an authorized BMW workshop.
For reasons of safety you are recommended only to use Genuine BMW Parts and Accessories - see pages 74 to 77.
Engineering modifications
Before you attempt any modifications to the engineering specification of your motorcycle, always discuss them with your BMW service station, which possesses full information as to the value, the legality and the factory's recommendations regarding the proposed modifications. If different tires are fitted, please comply with the factory's recommendations (see adhesive label under dualseat).