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What to do if...

Minor defects and their remedies
Warning: this motorcycle has a high-performance transistorized coil ignition system. Any contact with live components when the engine is running may lead to a fatal electric shock.
Malfunction and cause Remedy
1. Engine will not start at all or is reluctant to start  
Ignition key in wrong position Switch to position 2, 3 or 4
Emergency cutout ('kill') switch has been operated Reset to 'RUN'
A gear is in engagement Select neutral or declutch
No fuel in tank Fill tank
Fuel tap closed Open fuel tap
Twistgrip opened too far when engine is cold Close twistgrip
Air cleaner blocked Renew air cleaner element
Fuel line leaking or blocked Seal or blow through with air line
Defective fuel feed valve in carburetor float chamber Clean or renew valve
Idle jet blocked Clean jet
Loose or defective ignition lead Check lead, renew if necessary
Spark plug wet (moisture condensate or too much fuel) Dry spark plug, renew if necessary
Spark plug electrode gap too large or too small Adjust to correct gap
Battery flat Have battery recharged by workshop.
  Important: positive and negative battery leads must both be disconnected