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Laying up the motorcycle out of use
If you wish to store the motorcycle during the winter or for a lengthy period the following precautions will prevent corrosion damage:
1. With the engine still warm drain off the old oil.
2. Add corrosion-inhibiting oil up to the lower mark on the dipstick (about 1 liter [1.8 Imp. pints, 1.05 US quarts] will be needed). Run the engine off-load for about 1 minute. Remove the oil filter and seal the filter chamber if the machine is to be laid up for more than 6 months, drain the oil from the gearbox swinging arm and final drive and add 0.4l (0.7 Imp. pint 0.4 US quart) of corrosion-inhibiting oil to the gearbox, 0.05 1(0.09 Imp. pint, 0.05 US quart) to the rear wheel swinging arm and 0.1l (0.18 Imp.pint, 0.1 US quart) to the final drive. Place the motorcycle on its stand, select 2nd gear and run the engine for a few seconds at a fast idle.
3. Unscrew and remove the spark plugs and add 15- 20 cm3 (5.2 7 fl. oz) of upper cylinder preser-vative compound through each spark plug hole. Turn the engine over briefly with the starter, and stop with the pistons at top dead center Screw the spark plugs back in.
4. Clean the carburetors and close the fuel tap.
5. Remove the battery and hand it over to a specialist service station for maintenance and storage.
6. Thoroughly clean and dry the motorcycle externally. Spray the brake and clutch lever pivots and center stand pivots with a suitable penetrating oil.
7. Apply acid-free grease to all bright-metal or chromium-plated surfaces, and spray the motor-cycle with a protective oil.
8. Set the motorcycle upon its center stand in a dry place. Place timber blocks under the two front fork ends and the rear swinging arm so that the road wheels are clear of the floor.
Restoring to use
1. Drain out the corrosion-inhibiting oil and add the correct quantity and grade of fresh oil. Do not forget to install a new full-flow engine oil filter element.
2. Install the battery and connect its leads. Tighten the nuts firmly and apply terminal-post grease.
3. Clean the spark plugs. Check the electrode gaps and correct if necessary before screwing the spark plugs in, apply graphite grease to the threads.
For fuels and lubricants, see pages 84 and 85.