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'Beauty care'
A special cold cleaning compound is to be preferred for cleaning the engine and gearbox block and the final drive casing.
Particular care should be taken to remove dirt from the cylinder cooling fins and the sump undertray after riding the machine on-road, or else it may overheat (see page 62).
Note: the oil sump undertray is installed for additional off-road protection, but can be removed if the machine is never ridden away from the made-up roads.
After riding through large areas of mud, the disc brake pads should be removed and the pad slots carefully cleaned out (see page 64)
All other painted and chromium-plated surfaces should be washed with water to which a mild detergent can be added. First protect the carburetors, muffler tailpipe and handlebar fittings with plastic sheet. Do not allow cold cleaning compound, solvents or petrol (gasoline) etc. to contact plastic components. Road dirt, dust and
the salt put down on roads in winter contain various chemicals which, if not removed promptly from the motorcycle, could cause corrosion and paintwork damage. For this reason the motorcycle should be washed regularly, particularly when it is new, and a suitable paint preservative applied. Wash salt deposits off with cold water if possible, since hot water will speed up the aggressive chemical action of the salt.
Important: it is essential to remove every trace of detergent or cold cleaning compound from the brake discs and pads.
Tar stains, dead insects and minor paint flaws caused by stones flung up from the road surface should be removed or touched in without delay, to prevent paint discoloration and localized rust.
When the dualseat is removed an adhesive label will be seen, which indicates the paint shade designation of your machine. This prevents mistakes when purchasing the correct paint stick
or aerosol from your BMW dealer. Never remove tar stains with a hard or sharp object such as a knife, but soften them with a proprietary tar remover before rubbing off. Clean rubber components and surfaces only with water or glycerine.