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Central electrical unit (power distribution box)
The main electrical modules and assemblies have been neatly grouped at a central point under the fuel tank, where they are easy to service.
To reach the central electrical unit, remove the dual seat and fuel tank:
1. Unlock the dualseat at the rear (one-key system for all main locks on motorcycle) and remove the dualseat upwards and to the rear.

2. Remove the tool tray.
3. Close the fuel tap and pull off the connecting hose.
4. Pull the tank retaining hoop backwards and upwards over the end of the upper frame tube, at the same time pressing the rear end of the tank down.
5. Raise the fuel tank slightly, pull it towards the dualseat and lift off (at the front end first). Fig. 40

Identification of electrical modules
  1. Starter relay
  2. Flasher unit
  3. Electronic voltage regulator for alternator
  4. Transistorized coil ignition control unit with heat sink
  5. Dual-output coil
  6. Plug connectors for multi-function switch Fig. 41
Warning: this is a high-perfor-mance ignition system, and any contact with live components when the engine running could lead to a fatal electric shock.