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Renewing flashing turn indicator bulbs
Unscrew the two Phillips-head screws and take off the glass. Turn the 21 Watt spherical bulb to the left (counterclockwise) to remove.
Re-attach the turn indicator glass to its housing with the 'TOP' mark uppermost.
Fig. 37

Renewing blown fuses
Detach the lockable dualseat (see page 38). Lift out the tool tray; the fuse box with its cover secured by a screw is then accessible under the fuel tank.
2 fuses (8 Amp):
1 = Parking and rear lights, speedometer lighting
2 = Horn, flashing turn indicators, brake light, special equipment options
Fig .38
A blown fuse can be identified by its melted metal strip. Pull the fuse out of its spring clips and insert a new fuse of the correct rating and pattern.
Never attempt to repair broken fuses - risk of fire. Always carry a few spare with you.
If a fuse blows repeatedly, there must be a fault in the electrical system, which should be traced and rectified by a specialist shop.