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Renewing bulbs for instrument lighting and telltale/warning lamps
Unscrew the headlight trim surround (4 slotted-head screws).
Fig. 30
Speedometer lighting
Detach the plug-in holder from the speedometer body. Pull the glass-base lamp (3 Watts) lightly to detach it.

Telltale lamps in display unit
After detaching the headlight trim surround and pulling the display unit out slightly, the holder of the blown bulb can be taken out after giving it about a quarter-turn to release it Remove the glass-base bulb by pulling gently:
1 = High beam telltale (3 Watts)
2 = Turn indicator repeater (3 Watts)
3 = Oil pressure warning (3 Watts)
4 = Charge warning (3 Watts)
5 = Neutral indicator (3 Watts)
Fig. 35

Renewing rear light bulb Unscrew the two Phillips-head screws and take off the glass. Press the 21/5 Watt dual-filament spherical bulb in, turn to the left (counterclockwise) and remove. Fig. 36
The base pins of the bulb are offset so that it cannot be installed the wrong way round.