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Pull the parking light bulb holder out of the reflector and press in the 4 Watt bulb and turn to the left to remove.
The headlight beam should be re-aimed after renewing the H4 parking light bulbs.
Headlight beam setting
The tire pressures must first of all be correct and the suspension set for soft riding The machine must rest on its wheels, with the rider seated, at a distance of 5 meters (16 ft 5 in) from a light-colored wall, measured from the front wheel contact point. The floor must be flat and level.
The height from the floor to the center of the headlight is marked on the wall with a cross, and a second cross marked 5 cm (2 in) below the first.
Fig. 33
The low (dipped) headlight beam is then switched on, the headlight retaining bolts slightly loosened and the headlight beam repositioned until the light/dark transition is on the center of the lower cross,

climbing to the height of the upper cross on the right (right-hand rule of the road), then dropping away again. Retighten the headlight retaining bolts.