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top speed limit. Regulations and legal provisions concerning tires must be complied with for all riding on the public roads.
Renewing bulbs and fuses, adjusting headlight beam
Before any work is attempted on the electrical system, the item of consumer equipment concerned should be switched off; it is better to disconnect the earth (ground) lead from the negative terminal post of the battery.

Using a 10 mm open-ended wrench, detach the negative battery lead at the right side of the gearbox, next to the speedometer drive shaft. To renew bulbs in the headlight or instrument cluster, first detach the headlight trim surround by removing the 4 screws (slotted heads). Fig. 30
Changing the H 4 headlight bulb, Fig. 31
Slacken both hex bolts (1) holding the reflector mount and pull the reflector away forwards. Pull off the

multi-pin plug (2) and sealing cap (3), then release the wire clip holding the H4 bulb and remove the bulb from the reflector. Fig. 32,1
Do not hold the new bulb in the fingers - always use a clean cloth.
Renewing parking light bulb, Fig. 32.2
Pull the reflector out to the front (as when changing the H4 headlight bulb). Detach the multi-pin plug and the negative connection (parking light), and push back the sealing cap.