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You are recommended to check tightening torques with a suitable torque wrench - see page 72.
Removing and installing rear wheel
Even front wheel removal and fitting on the disc-braked BMW is extremely straightforward, but the new single-sided lightweight rear swinging arm on the BMW R 80 G/S makes rear wheel removal and installation even easier:
  • Place the motorcycle on its center stand-
  • From the toolkit under the dualseat, remove the 19 mm axle nut wrench with extension.
  • Unscrew the 3 wheel studs with the foot brake applied or the rear wheel pressed down on to the ground to prevent it from turning.
  • Pull the rear wheel off its centering mount, rocking it slightly until it comes loose.
    Fig. 27

  • 27
    Wheel fitting takes place in the reverse working sequence. Tighten the wheel studs uniformly, using the wrench with extension.
    You are recommended to check the specified tightening torque of 85 NM with a torque wrench.