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Jobs you can tackle yourself

Removing and installing front wheel
  • Place the motorcycle on its center stand.
  • Remove the following items from the toolkit under the dualseat:
    a) 22 mm open-ended wrench
    b) 6 mm Allen key
    c) Drift
    Fig. 25

  • 26
  • Slacken off the axle clamp screws with the 6 mm Allen key.
  • Using the 22 mm open-ended wrench, unscrew the axle nut (1 and set aside the shim washer.
  • Place the drift through the cross-hole in axle (3), and pull the axle out by turning it to and fro slightly. 2 spacing sleeves wilt also fall out. They must be installed again in the positions illustrated.
  • Pull the wheel out forwards.
    Fig. 28
  • Do not operate the hand brake when the front wheel has been removed.
    To install the front wheel, proceed in the reverse working sequence. Make sure that the brake disc is guided between the pads without using force. The narrow spacing sleeve is on the brake disc side, the wider spacing sleeve on the opposite side of the wheel Place the sleeves in position before inserting the axle. Do not forget the shim washer when screwing on the axle nut.
    Before tightening the right clamp screw, lower the motorcycle from its stand and compress the front fork springs several times powerfully, to prevent fork distortion. Tighten the clamp screws.
    Do not use any extensions to increase the leverage of the tools in the standard toolkit when tightening the axle nut or clamp screws The normal effort applied manually will result in approximately the correct tightening torque being reached.