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On long journeys

Side panniers, tank-top rucksack
The best way to accommodate your luggage is in the BMW tank-top rucksack and a BMW side pannier (on this model, mounted on the right). The pannier case holds app. 351(1.23 ft), with space for a helmet if need be. Although the side pannier is carefully designed to suit this model, do not carry more than 10kg (22 lb.) exceed 130 km/h weight of luggage or (app. 80 mile/h).
Spare parts
For long journeys, in particular inter-continental touring, it is good practice to take with you the following spare parts and emergency items:
  • 1 oil filter element
  • 1 set of spark plugs
  • 1 spark plug cap with lead
  • 1 carburetor diaphragm
  • 1 carburetor return spring
  • Fuses (8 Amp)
  • 1 set of wire (Bowden) control cables
  • 1 spare inner tube for each wheel
  • Several bolts and nuts, size M 6 and M 8
  • Wire for tying up loose items, insulating tape and adhesive tape
    Before starting all such major journeys. it is advisable to have your motorcycle checked by the BMW authorized dealer or workshop-For trips to foreign countries.. check whether you need an international driving license, inoculations or other
  • items laid down by law. Information can be obtained from consulates, travel bureaus, automobile clubs etc.