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which may have suffered damage as described above.
Wet-weather riding
If you are properly dressed for riding the rain, with integral helmet, rainsuit and waterproof gloves and boots, you can ride quite comfortably for hours in wet weather. Accelerate more carefully to prevent wheelspin, apply the brakes gently, increase the distance you maintain from other vehicles, and don't hesitate to ride at slower speeds as a safety precaution. Take extra care when crossing rails, drain and sewer covers, road markings, cobblestones or basalt block surfaces.
The trade can supply suitable anti-misting agents to apply to the visor or goggles
Two-up riding
It can be very pleasant to share one's journeys on the motorcycle with a friend or partner, but this imposes certain responsibilities on the rider, The pillion passenger must be just as well-clad, with complete equipment (including helmet), as the rider. The machine must be ridden particularly neatly and smoothly. First-time pillion passengers should have the basic rules explained to them, and the suspension setting can also be stiffened if this is felt to be necessary.
Hints for pillion riding: hold on firmly - to the dualseat handle or to the rider in front. Don't try to lean into curves exaggeratedly, but don't fight the natural banking movement of the machine. On right-hand bends, look over the rider's right shoulder, on left-hand bends, over his left shoulder.
Its as simple as that!
The BMW motorcycle is not only one of the most powerful in its class but also one of the easiest to handle It has unusually long suspension travel front and rear, carefully chosen damper rates and a high payload limit (up to 398 km [877 lb.] gross weight in standard trim).