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People often park off the road where they go for a country walk, and then reverse carelessly on to the main road, just as you are bearing down on them at a high speed. Don't trust to luck - a little healthy suspicion may save your life.
The golden rule is to look well ahead keep alert - and ride 'defensively'.
Don't make the mistake of thinking that the farmer emerging from a country lane on his tractor has seen you, even if he slows down and stops. Its small comfort to know that you're covered by his insurance.
When you ride your motorcycle, concentrate on the job in hand. Riding along in a dream is highly dangerous. Above all, you must expect car drivers to underestimate your speed and sometimes not to see you at all.
Keep an ample safety margin between your machine and other vehicles. Never overtake if the car in front is about to do the same your turn will come soon enough
Refrain from creeping through double rows of vehicles to the front. It's better to overtake on the outside, provided that the column of traffic is moving slowly enough and the man in front has seen you. Don't cross the central white line.
The hardest part is getting correctly lined up as you approach the corner. The hints below, incidentally, apply to riding on the right. In countries with left-hand rule of the road, the descriptions of 'left-hand' and right-hand' cornering technique must of course be reversed.
Left-hand bends, particularly if you cannot see very far ahead, should be approached on the extreme right side of the road. Pull over towards the road centerline only when you can see round the corner and follow the line of the road.
Right-hand bends, on the other hand, should be approached towards the center of the road (after checking that it is clear to pull out). Keep a safe distance from the white line, however. This technique
gives you an earlier view round the curve, so that you can estimate the cornering radius correctly and pull smoothly back over to the right side as you reach the peak of the curve. It you are moving too fast, brake before turning into the corner Braking during the actual corner is evidence that you have misjudged it.
Crossing curbs
Never ride too fast or hard across a curbstone or similar obstacle. If this is unavoidable, reduce speed to a walking pace. In an emergency, you may have to drive over a sharp-edged obstacle at quite high speed, in which case the wheels (particularly the front wheel, which bears the brunt of the impact) must always be examined afterwards for rim shoulder deformation. If the rim is visibly damaged, the wheel out of true or the tire or tube damaged, they must always be renewed without delay.
Warning: it is forbidden to straighten distorted wheel rims, and could lead to the machine becoming unsafe in traffic. The same applies to tires