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Some running-in hints

You can greatly influence the performance and operating life of your BMW by proper running-in (break-in) procedures- Even the most carefully machined rotating and sliding components of the motorcycle become smoother still during the initial period of operation. Running-in is best carried out during fairly long journeys on ordinary main roads with frequent curves and moderate gradients. Ride below the stated top speeds in the various gears, and vary engine speed and load quite often by changing gear, but do not exceed the specified engine speed limits in any gear.
Engine speed limits for the running-in period:
    From 0 to 1000km (app. 600 miles) - 4000 min-1
    From 1000 to 2000km (app. 600 to 1300 miles) - 4500 min-1
These engine speeds are equivalent to the following road speeds in the various gears:

From 0 to 1000km (app. 600 miles)
    1st gear - max. 33km/h (21 mile/h)
    2nd gear - max. 52 km/h (32 mile/h)
    3rd gear - max. 71 km/h (44 mile/h)
    4th gear - max. 87km/h (54 mile/h)
    5th gear - max. 100km/h (62 mile/h)
Fig. 23

From 1000 to 2000km (app. 600 - 1300 miles)
    1st gear - max. 37 km/h (23 mile/h)
    2nd gear - max. 58 km/h (36 mite/h)
    3rd gear - max. 79 km/h (49 mile/h)
    4th gear- max. 97km/h (60 mile/h)
    5th gear - max. 113 km/h (70 mile/h)
Fig. 24
Comply, however, with lower national or local speed limits.