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Correct riding equipment and clothing

helmet, leather suit and rainsuit
Your helmet should be of an officially approved and tested pattern, and fit well enough to remain comfortable to wear even on long journeys.
The helmet in the BMW accessories range can be modified for wear in more than one form
  • Integral helmet, Fig. 20
  • 'Jet' helmet, Fig. 21

  • 21
    By means of a push-button catch at left and right, the chin guard with visor can be swung up as a complete unit, or even detached. This is ideal for spectacle wearers. If worn in 'Jet' helmet form, together with goggles, a sun peak can also be attached.
    As a safety precaution, always replace a scratched visor. It is good practice to carry with you a spare visor with you.
    Anyone whose journeys regularly take him farther than just 'round the block' should consider purchasing a leather or multipurpose riding suit. These suits keep off the wind but can still 'breathe' for proper body ventilation. Gloves, a kidney belt and leather boots are the other ,items in the properly-equipped rider's gear.
    However, leather suits and many multipurpose suits are not rainproof. You are therefore recommended to carry a rolled-up, waterproof rainsuit on long journeys and in bad weather, together with waterproof gloves and boots.
    Details of the comprehensive range of BMW accessories and clothing are given on pages 74 to 77.
    Remember... you've only yourself to blame if you catch a cold on a motorcycle!