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of running out of fuel. A small amount of fuel (app. 0.51 [0.1 gal]) may still remain in the right half of the tank. By leaning the motorcycle over onto its left cylinder head, this final reserve amount can reach the fuel tap.
For reliable operation, the engine needs a regular grade of petrol (gasoline) to German Industrial Standard DIN 51 600 or equivalent, minimum octane number 91 (Research Method).
No upper-cylinder or similar additives should be added to the fuel.
Checking lights
After the engine has been started, check (if necessary by holding the hand in front of the headlight glass) that the following lights are in working order:
Parking light
High beam headlight
Low (dipped) beam headlight
The low (dipped) headlight beam should be used for daytime driving as well, subject to local legislation.
Checking rear and brake lights
Check that the rear light is in working order. At the same time, apply the foot brake and then the hand brake and make sure that the brake light comes on.
Checking flashing turn indicators
The turn indicator bulbs are exposed to severe loads as well as mechanical vibration. Note that a defective flashing turn indicator can prove highly dangerous, for instance when turning into a side road. Make sure that the complete flashing turn indicator system is kept in proper working order.
Failure of a turn indicator bulb is shown by the repeater lamp flashing at a higher frequency than usual.