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Before you start

Safety checks
Tire treads
Although the national legal tread limit may quote a lower figure, the tires of a fast motorcycle should never be allowed to wear down below a tread depth of 2 mm (0.08 in) for speeds up to 130 km/h (81 mile/h), or 3 mm (0.12 in) for speeds above 130 km/h (81 mile/h)
Tire pressures
The tire pressures specified by BMW are designed to ensure optimum handling, grip and tread life They should be checked once a week and the tires inflated to the correct pressures if necessary. See pages 83 and 92 for the correct pressures or refer to the adhesive label on the rear mudguard under the dualseat.

Engine oil level check
Check engine oil level regularly, if possible after the engine has been stopped for a fairly long period, to allow the oil to settle.
The oil level must be between the two marks on the dipstick (amount of oil between 'MIN' and 'MAX' marks = 0.85 liter [1.5 Imp. pints, 0.9 US quart]. Never allow the oil level to fall below the 'MIN' mark. On the other hand, it is pointless and even harmful to fill the engine beyond the 'MAX' mark. To check
oil level, push the dipstick in but do not screw it in Fig. 19
Engine oil consumption max. 0.1 l/100km (app. 350 mile/Imp. pint, 590 mile/US quart).
Do not change to a different type or grade of oil except during a complete oil change including filter renewal. Do not mix mineral oils and synthetics.
Our engines are designed to run in conjunction with the highly-developed modern engine oils supplied by reputable manufacturers. For this reason, do not use any additives in the oil. This also applies to the gearbox, final drive and telescopic fork oils.
Fuel tank
The tank holds 19.5 liters (4.3 Imp. gal, 5.2 US gal), including a reserve of app.2 liters (0.44 Imp gal, 0.53 US gal).
After the running-in period is over, you can fill the tank on several occasions and use the trip distance recorder to establish how far you can ride on average before switching to 'Reserve' This will avoid the risk