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After a cold engine has been started, leave the choke in position 1 only until the engine begins to run hesitantly.
Choke lever moved to center (2) position (detent) = moving away with engine still cold (for improved throttle response)
Choke lever at position '0' = normal riding setting, choke out of action.
To start a warm engine (at normal operating temperature), open the throttles to max.1/4 of their fully open setting by turning the twistgrip Fig. 14
Telltale and warning lamps (engine), Fig. 15
1 = Oil pressure drop warning lamp (red):
After the engine has started and is running at a normal idle speed this warning lamp must go out If it comes on when the motor-cycle is being ridden, declutch immediately, close the throttles and switch off the ignition. Check thal engine oil Level is not too

low; if it is satisfactory, consult a BMW service workshop.
2 = Battery charge telltale (red):
The telltale lamp must go out at a fast idle speed, to indicate that the alternator Is charging the battery.
It it continues to burn when the motorcycle is being ridden, consult a BMW Service workshop without delay, or else the battery will go flat.
Center stand
To remove the motorcycle from its stand, hold the left handlebar grip with the left hand, and the grab handle under the dualseat with the right hand. Push the machine carefully forwards until the stand folds up.
To put the machine on its stand
Press the center stand down to the ground by applying the right foot to the projecting peg. Both curved feet of the stand must be in contact with the ground. Transfer the foot to the end of the center stand foot, apply the full weight of the body at this point and pull the motorcycle up and back at the dualseat handle. With the other hand, hold the handlebar to keep the motorcycle balanced and guide it on to the stand. Fig. 16
Make sure that the ground surface can bear the motorcycle's weight. Avoid soft surfaces (including soft tarred roads in hot weather), or the stand may sink in and the motorcycle fall over