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Fuel tap positions, Fig. 12
Position '0 (front/rear) - Closed (fuel off)
Position '1' (down) = Open (fuel on)
Position '2' (up) = Reserve
In the 'Reserve position only about 2 liters (0.3 - 0.4 gal) of fuel remain available.
Do not forget to close the fuel tap when the engine is stopped and the motorcycle is out of use. Do not over-fill the tank - leave space for the
fuel to expand as it heats up, particutarly in warm weather.

Starting a cold engine

Pull the choke lever on fully = position 1, Fig. 14. Keep the throttle twistgrip closed. Open the fuel tap and switch on the ignition.
1. Using kick starter, Fig. 13
Move the kick starter pedal down to the position illustrated, then depress it with the full weight of the body. If the engine does not fire wait for it to stop rotating, then
repeat the attempt within app. 5 seconds, or else the electronic ignition will cut out and will have to be reset by turning the crankshaft again.
2. Using electric starter (optional extra)
Press the starter button. If the engine fires reluctantly, open the throttles slightly by turning the twistgrap. As soon as the engtne runs release the starer push button immediately.