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2 = Starter push button
Press to run the electric starter motor.
Before the engine can be started, neutral must be selected or the clutch disengaged by pulling up and holding the clutch lever. This is to prevent accidental starting with a gear selected.

Right-hand handlebar fittings, Fig. 7
1 = Emergency ignition cutout ('kill' switch)
Move the switch either up or down (to 'OFF') to stop the engine in an emergency.
The engine can only be started with the switch in the central RUN' position, since in the two 'OFF' positions it interrupts the ignition and starter circuits.
Important note:
To ensure that the front brake operates correctly, the right-hand handlebar fitting must never be turned to a different position on the handlebar, nor must the handlebar be repositioned in its clamps. The punch marks on the tube must be aligned with the clamp block joint line and the dividing line at the right-hand handlebar fitting. This is to ensure that the brake fluid reservoir remains in the prescribed position
Checking free travel at handbrake lever
Free travel at the handbrake lever is a fixed design feature, and cannot be reset. Fig. 8
Any sudden change in the amount of free travel may indicate a hydraulic system fault. See pages 64 - 66.