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Warning: do not leave the parking light switched on for more than a short time when the engine is stopped.
Ignition/light switch settings, Fig. 5
0 = Off. Key can be removed
2 = Operating position (ignition and all electrical circuits switched on, charge telltale and oil pressure warning lamps illuminated, headlight high beam telltale and neutral indicating lamp wilt also come on if appropriate)
3 = Operating position with parking light
4 = Operating position with headlight (high or low beam as selected) and parking light Left-hand handlebar fittings, Fig. 6
1 = Horn push
Press to sound horn
2 = Headlight dip
(low beam) switch
At top: high beam
In center: low beam
At bottom: headlight flasher
When released, the switch returns automatically to the center position.
3 = Flashing turn indicator switch
'L' position: left turn indicated
'O' position: off